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Your Mind - Your Most Powerful Healer

Posted on November 9, 2021 by Woodrow Mandy

The mind-body link has made its way to global awareness. It's understood that what we believe is what will be. Consider the possibility that your body is an immediate printout of your emotional, mental and spiritual conditions. Our bodies react like robots to what we tell them. Toxic bodies are only a manifestation of poisonous thoughts. To put it differently, any imbalance in our emotional and psychological conditions creates disharmony in the body. When you feel despair it shows up on your chest otherwise called heartache. When you are feeling stressed out and overloaded you might find a stomach ache and your shoulders and throat may tense up. In case you've been mistreated you might have poor posture, weakness in the muscles and little strength that's precisely what abuse does to one's psyche. Everything that shows up in the body is a sign that there's an imbalance somewhere within your own being. The body is showing you what is happening in different levels of your consciousness. It's up to us to be open to listen to our body's messages or not. We've been trained to instantly medicate ourselves if something goes'wrong' in the body. If we would but just have a moment to deal with the cause we'd be living completely healthy lives.

How can you go to the cause if you don't know what it is or how to get there? This is a frequent question asked by thousands of people searching to cure their lives. Let's start with cell memory. Every moment of our lives becomes mobile memory. It's recorded into our system and new neural pathways are made in the brain. Every instant of our lives be it negative or positive, traumatic or not is stored in our body. At the present time of a highly emotionally charged encounter we create belief systems based on that experience. Our reality could only be reinforced through positive experiences or it may be shifted to an illusion that then appears to be reality. Our understanding of reality then changes and we develop a new one or a false belief which we then run from. To put it differently, what was real all of a sudden isn't. For the most part the'new' belief doesn't support who we are if it was designed from a traumatic or traumatic experience. It goes contrary to the goodness and purity of our character. From this point we then create the impression that we are our adventures. To put it differently, if something happens you create a belief that'must be true'. For instance a kid in third grade might not answer a question correctly based on the instructor or the book. If the teacher responds harshly or informs the kid that he did it wrong the child may develop a belief he can not do anything right based on that 1 experience. The child will then develop into an adult but continue to operate in the belief that"I can not do anything right" and strive for perfectionism or be a people pleaser. He is living life from a false belief that might affect his relationships, how he relates to the world and his livelihood.

It's quite important to be ready to commit to understanding our selves fully. To discovering and understanding when something does not feel great. To notice if something is making us uneasy. It has nothing to do with anything or anybody else. It simply means that there's something inside of you which isn't healed. This is known as a trigger. When someone pushes our buttons it only means they are reflecting back to us something inside of us that isn't healed. To be at peace and to feel calm one must forgive the past. An individual must be ready to let go. An angry parent is a person who hasn't forgiven his/her youth and treated from it. They take their unhealed wounds and take it out for their kids and when the kids act out the parent(s) blame the kids, punish them and finally ignore an chance to heal. This is a destructive cycle of abuse that's all too common.

To cure your body begin with yourself . What are you thinking? Do those ideas support you 100% or do they hurt you in any way? Are they loving ideas? Are you blaming others? Are you not being accountable to your thoughts and actions? Can you judge and criticize others? Can you spend time and energy focusing and talking about other people's lives? Are the words that come from your mouth loving? Do you complain? Perhaps you have not fully grieved a reduction or stopped in the midst of a significant change or transition in your life to look after yourself? These are simply a couple questions that you can start to ask yourself. The answers will provide you a clue about what's happening in your life and where you can start to focus positive energy. When we do things that go against who we are we hurt. We feel restless, anxious, disconnected, numb, angry depressed and a lot more. Our poisonous thoughts and mental attitudes ruin our bodies. Simply stated, the cells in the body do what you tell them to do. It's up to you to pick exactly what you want your body to perform.

Is it impossible to cure anything? No. The trick is to slow down, sit down, close your eyes and ask your body what it requires. Healing yourself and your body is an innate gift, a built-in interior structure which exists within each of us. As we become conscious of the points of origin and causes of our pain we can get that inner wisdom that resides within each of us and use it to heal, to see, to appreciate and to make anything we truly want.