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What is Tranquillity?

Posted on January 23, 2022 by Woodrow Mandy

Normally, people respect calmness in their lives as being determined by the environment. We seem to believe tranquillity comes to us when we put ourselves in a calm situation, but actually the opposite is true. It's the condition of the heart and brain that determines how calm our surroundings could be. It's said that,"A serene heart creates a shaky hut secure".

We usually find that in a really quiet environment where nothing much happens, we're easily distracted and readily adhere to the leadership of needs that arise within us. On the other hand, when we have a hectic schedule and are focused on a programme of actions, there are lesser chances to live on distracting thoughts and desires. Serenity of our surroundings then doesn't necessarily bring about internal tranquillity.

How do we consider in tranquillity?

1] To be detached is to be calm

2] Not to be mad or anxious would be to be calm

3] To put aside right and wrong, fame and scandal, is to be calm

4] To shed household worries is to be calm

5] To break free from all deterrents or barriers is to be calm

6] To have no greedy or covetous ideas is to be calm.

Inner tranquillity doesn't come easily and it's stated,"A person whose heart is full of craving may stand by a deep, still pool and feel his heart churning with wants. He can be in a lonely forest but not able to feel the stillness; while people who have relinquished all desires from their hearts might feel refreshed beneath the burning sun. They may reside in the middle of the busiest city and not hear its noisy clamour".

The best way to develop tranquillity is selfless contribution and instructing people to perform good deeds. Be kind to all living beings, develop empathy, forgiveness, and gradually tranquillity will start to manifest. Gradually our obstructing desires and delusions will dissolve into nothing and we finally become totally free. It's also the perfect way to develop virtues and merits and possess a calm mind.