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What Can Your Signature Reveal?

Posted on May 15, 2022 by Woodrow Mandy

No matter everything you do in life, you'll invariably end up placing your signature to document or on your own personal cheques. Your signature can be your personal representation nowadays. It's the outer image that you project to others. But do you realize which image you're projecting? Needless to say, so when any graphologist will let you know, your signature can't be analysed in isolation; it generally does not mean much without your handwriting. Your signature supplies the graphologist with an improved knowledge of your personality.

Signature position with regards to the text

The farther away your signature is written from the final type of text, the less you intend to be connected with what has been written. It could indicate that you will be feeling lonely and distant. If your signature is quite near to the last type of the written text, it implies that you're honest in what is written and you also tend to be more sociable and near your family and folks.

Signature position on the page

Most people sign their letters slightly left of center of the page that is quite normal. However, for those who have a tendency to sign at the extreme left of a full page; this can be a sign of insufficient confidence and a sign that the individual is reserved.

Signature size

A clear, easily understood and sensible signature in accordance with how big is the written text, indicates you are steady, positive, reliable and you also have a mutual relationship together with your surroundings.

A smaller signature indicates that you will be introverted and you also lack self-confidence. A considerably larger signature indicates you are selfish and over-confident.

First name versus last name

Most people use their first and last names when signing. Some graphologists consider your last name represents your image in society while your first name relates more to your ego. If the initial name is more stressed and exaggerated in proportions than your last name, this implies you need to attract attention. On other hand, if your last name is more exaggerated your first name, this implies you are pleased with your family and you also think about your social status as important.