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Three Benefits of Learning How To Concentrate

Posted on January 16, 2022 by Woodrow Mandy

All of us know that having the ability to concentrate on a particular task is, typically, a necessary part of completing it.

Without focus our mind wanders, and the body follows to the kitchen to get a drink or bite, to the den to check on the children, outside for a breath of fresh air... the list of distractions is endless, especially for men and women that work at home. Without the ability to concentrate our minds, we just don't get anything done. Plus it's easy to see why!

North American society has instilled the 'quick fix' mentality to us since we were kids. Sound bites, video clips, and headlines all play their part in ensuring our attention is hauled from one thing to another at breakneck speed. Is it any wonder that so many children and adults suffer from things like Attention Deficit Disorders? Our minds have spent a lifetime being programmed to be focus deficient. (Note: I'm fully aware that ADD and ADHD are severe illnesses and I'm not attempting to make light of this here. What I am attempting to point out is that our society as it is now gives these ailments an environment in which they may flourish.) From a purely practical standpoint then, the primary advantage of learning how to focus is that it enables us to finish the tasks that we set out to do. By learning how to focus our thoughts on controlling our body we could maintain our butt in the seat long enough to get the job done.

Mental concentration is also an integral element in our ability to create the life we want. It's beyond the scope of this guide to go into too much detail other than to state that"Thoughts are Things" and they have an energy all their own. What we concentrate on is what we attract into our lives, and we are always making decisions and acting based on the mental images that form in our minds. If we do not (or do not know how to) focus on the ideas we allow into our thoughts, we run the risk of creating things and circumstances we'd really rather not have in our own lives.

Without attention, our lives become little more than a presence that's ruled by the subconscious mind.

Consider this... If you allow yourself to focus on negative images you unconsciously build a negative mood. You will consider poverty, weakness, disease, anxiety, etc. and as long as you think of them will your goal life express itself in a similar way. What we think, we'll manifest in the outside world. Would not your life be better if you can train yourself to consciously focus only on health, wealth and happiness?

The third advantage of learning how to focus is that it enhances our imagination on a much higher and more spiritual level. In deep concentration you become linked with the great creative spirit of the world, and the creative energy flows through you, vitalizing your creations into shape. In deep concentration your mind becomes attuned with the infinite, and registers the cosmic intelligence and receives its messages. You become so full of the cosmic energy that you're literally bombarded with divine power.

As soon as you attain this desirable state, you may realize the benefits of being connected with the supra-consciousness.

When you become attached to your supra-consciousness, you become the controller of your thoughts. What comes to you is greater than human thoughts and is often spoken of as Cosmic Consciousness. Once experienced, it's never forgotten.

The advantages of learning how to focus cross all the boundaries between our physical, mental and spiritual selves. Obviously, it requires training to reach this condition, but as soon as you do, it becomes easier each time. By learning how to concentrate consciously, you have the ability to direct the expression of almost infinite power while in this deeper state of concentration, and use it to make just what you desire in life.