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Right and Wrong Mindfulness

Posted on July 7, 2021 by Woodrow Mandy

The ability of the mind is a miracle. If you know which is right and that is incorrect, you can develop your mind to be a better human. It is possible to become healthier, younger and adorable. Let us see which is correct and which is wrong, then change it if you must.

Right Mindfulness.

1] When a individual in respect to the use of his eyes, he's anxious to see clearly; in respect to the use of his ears, he is anxious to hear distinctly; in regard to his speech, he is anxious that it ought to be sincere; in respect to his business, he is anxious that he should be careful and honest; in regard to what he doubts, he's anxious to ask of others. . .when he's angry, he thinks of the difficulties his anger may involve him when he sees the profits to be made, he thinks of righteousness... then these are all known as....The thoughtful consideration of their mind.

2] When someone realizes that to chase riches and fame with his campaign before the end of the days will be like a brassy knife whose fine edge won't last quite a long time and therefore changes his objective of life and interrupting himself, melts his strength away and stubbornness, uses his wisdom to do things and doesn't utilize craftiness to gain profits for himself and causes losses to other people....then these are known as....The transformation of the brain.

3] When a individual can execute the deeds of goodness, sacrifice for doing the job of fact, repay the values which others gave him, do prefer for others.... Then these are all known as... The virtues of the mind.

4] When a individual enjoys God's graciousness and guidance from the people, shows his good intentions, realizes the significance of Truth, makes his very best effort, utilizes and reveals his wisdom....then these are known as....The righteousness of the brain.

5] If someone follows God's Holy will because it's pure, respects the exceptional because that individual is virtuous, listens to the Saints's words, prepares to behave with great intention....then these are known as....The attentiveness of the brain.

All of the above allow a man to get merits and blessings, to be able to return to Heaven and become a saint.

Incorrect Mindfulness

1] If a individual rushes in his acting and talking, makes himself very angry, impatient, worried....then these are known as....The choas of the mind.

2] When a individual procastinates in his own affairs or in his job, makes his body remiss and his head idle, then these are all called....The neglect of the mind.

3] When someone doesn't realize what's wrong or right, never reconizes what is true or false and consequently believes recklessly, then these are all known as....The ignorance of their mind.

4] If someone wants whatever he sees, chases whatever he believes can benefit him, easily swung from the changing conditions, shirks off duties regardless of what business he's engaged in, then every one of these is called. . .The demerits of the brain.

5] When someone allows his great ideas to become bad ones, allows those bad thoughts to exist, allows himself to think that the wicked opinions are accurate and follows thembehaves as though it were right, then these are all known as....The evils of the brain.

6] When a person only sees the superficial portion of things and never realizes the actual underlaying significance, likes to talk or listen to hearsay, sees things as if he had been a horse with blinders on, has shallow comprehension, doesn't know when is the proper moment to advance or draw, speaks boastful words, does things without restraint, then these are all known as....The insanities of their mind.

7] If a individual retains the benefits for himself while passing on the drawback to others, is industrious in the start of doing things but is indolent in the end, seeks for comfortable living and has a mind, is happy about what he likes but is angry about what he dislikes, then these are all known as....The confusions of the brain.

8] When a person has pretended affection and friendship, flatters another while plotting to stab him in the trunk, is a wolf in sheep's skin, speaks irrational words and is unkind in his behavior, then these are all called....The threat of their mind.

These thoughts above belong to disasters, demerits, hell and devils.