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Internal Peace: Finding Peace Of Mind

Posted on April 2, 2024 by Woodrow Mandy

What does internal peace mean for you personally? Does it mean a location of sanctuary where one can get back from stressful situations and discover that host to safety from the 'cares of the world'? Does it mean a location where one can be yourself minus the facade a lot of us wear during the day in order that people won't understand how we sense? Or is this place (often our home) yet another place where we have to defend ourselves from the ongoing onslaught of anger, hostility, and power games which are frequently the way of measuring our lives in the 21st century?

The dictionary defines internal as: relating to or situated within the body; of associated with, or existing within your brain. Peace means: circumstances of calm and quiet; freedom from disturbing thoughts; and an agreement to get rid of hostilities. Probably the most important keys because of this tranquility and harmony or 'peace of mind' since it is frequently called, is always to honour our emotional nature and discover solutions to express feelings in appropriate techniques allow us to release them.

Practical Steps to Releasing Emotions

  • Learn to listen to yourself. A lot of us have been harried for such a long time that we are out-of-touch with how we feel. A situation will present itself and we will 'flip out' and find it unbelievable that we have lost control. This actually results from a build-up of emotions that we have not been aware of.
  • Accept responsibility for your feelings. No one makes you feel anything; rather you choose how you think and feel based on what you interpret the situation to be. Blaming others gives away your power and when you feel like a 'victim' you react with anger and resentment.
  • Talk to a trusted friend or counsellor. Finding a 'safe place' where you are able to express feelings without anyone judging you provides an opportunity to release pent-up emotions.
  • Accept yourself. You are not supposed to be perfect and learning to accept yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses creates feelings of peace within.
  • Don't judge yourself. Judging yourself means thinking you need to be perfect and creates feelings of not being 'good enough.' When feeling inadequate you judge yourself harshly no matter what you do it will never be 'good enough.'
  • Let go of the past. The past is over and you did the best you could with what you knew at the time. If the past evokes memories of painful experiences for you, release the memories and find forgiveness for yourself and/or others. This doesn't mean you condone these behaviors. It means you release the memories and feelings to find your own inner healing and peace.
  • Learn to relax. Many methods exist that donate to staying in balance and harmony. Practicing meditation as a daily ritual, reading, exercising, walking, or creating a sacred space where one can spend time feeling a sense of renewal and refreshment are all methods that take you away from focusing on 'what is wrong' to seeing yourself as having 'control of your life.'
  • Practice gratitude. What you focus on increases as you give energy to your thoughts. Thoughts of peace, love, and abundance increases the inner healing and peace and leads to living lives that feel more balanced and harmonious.
  • Keep a journal. Folks have used journaling for several years to be able to release emotions and make sense of what is going on. This journal or notebook is for your eyes only and enables you to say anything you want without anybody seeing it except you. Once expressed, emotions tend to dissipate and you may find they are released through this exploration. If this process doesn't totally release them the 1st time, repeat the exercise.
  • Spend time in nature. We are part of nature so when we re-connect with the natural world we touch our inner self/ spiritual connection to something more. That something more is our connection to the Universal Energy whether we call it God, Goddess, All That Is, or Higher Power. Whatever we call it, when we feel connected to the 'Whole' we recognize our place in the world and feel a sense of peace and harmony and that 'all is right in our world.'
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