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Going Home From Work

Posted on August 16, 2021 by Woodrow Mandy

Work was meant to be a vehicle to sustain us, to assist us to get from one area to another. It was never assumed to be the destination that it's become. Many Americans arrived at "work" and never returned home. Actually home was abandoned for a counterfeit work life, complete with"work relatives" and"work parties". A counterfeit that appears like the real thing, that for the undiscerning eye it is tough to tell the difference.

Even in the middle of marriage, the arrival of children, parties with friends, a new residence and aging parents, there's the ever present job, career, or business. In some cases work is now a quiet member of the household who gets high priority. Priority over baseball games and recitals, bedtime stories, spontaneous dance and romantic dinners.

There's nothing wrong with work or work hard. The challenge comes when we understand our officemates or partners better than we understand our own family members and friends.

Work addiction is tough to break. Most don't even consider changing the routine of overworking till they start to loose something or somebody important. The message to the workaholic, the job addicted: It is time to go home from work.

That's easier said then done, particularly if the bicycle has gone on for several years. However, it may be done, and it begins in the heart. The center is a magnificent tool that we can use to get us back on track. The center is the place where all that is actually important and sacred resides.

The light of the heart will lead you home. You might need to ask a few tough questions; Perhaps you have been hiding or running from something at home? Are there any things at home that hurt me? If I go home will I must remove the"work" mask? Become vulnerable? Express my feelings? Say I love you?

What ever the questions are, simply keep frankly asking them until you see your way clearly. If you discover that home isn't a fantastic location, use your power to turn the situation around.

Make home a fantastic place for you, and also a fantastic place for your loved ones. A place where work isn't king and love is the glue that holds it all together. Even if you live alone, make home your sacred location.

Function is important and enjoying the feeling, the things and standing that we get from working hard is fine. However, there is always a time to go home from work. House to this which can only be viewed and appreciated with the heart.