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Intuition and Your 'Flow Quotient'

Posted on December 3, 2021 by Woodrow Mandy

Decisions, decisions...everyday we make decisions. Some decisions are as simple as what things to eat for supper or when to visit the store. Others are as complex as which job candidate to employ, recognise the business to retain services from, or where you can invest for the retirement.

How do we make those decisions? Imagine if all of the facts weigh out or you can find way too many good options to pick from? How can you arrive at your choice? You do that by hearing your inner voice, your feelings, your gut instincts, that 'knowing' sensation that involves you in the shower...they are all areas of your Intuition.

If you pay attention to CEO's from companies which have soared within their respective fields/markets, you will discover one commonality- each of them depend on their intuition to greatly help them make key decisions.

Following a rigid, by-the-book method of business or even to life, fails simply by itself. Actually, it rarely works once the decisions all result from a written manual or corporate headquarters as well as your unique circumstances or situations aren't considered.

Rigid decisions such as this are missing what I call the 'flow quotient'. They're forgetting that the ultimate way to navigate the river and leave with the tide in to the ocean would be to 'go with the flow,' and we don't possess a written manual for the everyday activity.

There is however, an all natural energy that flows and circulates all around us and through us. This energy is exchanged in relationships and running a business. Once the flow is blocked, or sectioned off with rigid structures and limitations, the flow itself becomes restricted.

In life periodically the river widens and the flow increases so when the river narrows and the flow is fixed.

Using your intuition to create decisions, insures that the river continues to flow, and you also available to the natural flow, 'knowing' when to swim so when to paddle.

Using the 'flow quotient' to create good decisions opens one to all possibilities. Rather than making decisions in accordance with your old ways and habits, opening to permit the flow can deliver new energies and new inspiration.

Your intuition can be an energy within you that also flows. Similar to the river, it has its course. Opening you to ultimately listen, you will certainly know that it always gears you in the proper direction. It's just like the man in the crow's nest on the ship. He sees far ahead and knows which direction the ship should steer in.

Opening to learn that direction within yourself is really a powerful tool to utilize that you experienced. Think about your intuition as your 1st mate up in the crow's nest, seeing before you and knowing which direction will last best. Take time to quiet your brain, go within and pay attention to your '1st mate'. It'll pay back more times than not, and frequently, in a large way!.